Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The Minnesota Breakdown put on a boys’ basketball tournament in Prior Lake on July 7, 2013. Games consisted of a pair of 20 minute halves.
In the JV division, New Prague took on Prior Lake. The game got off to a slow offensive start as each team’s defense was able to slow the one team down.  
Prior Lake did a good job of moving the ball around the three-point line to take time off the clock.
They also did a good job of cutting and getting everyone involved in the offense.
The score remained low and close throughout the first half. Neither team took a lot of shots.  
Both teams subbed a lot as they were able to get everyone involved in the game.
Prior Lake went on a run with 12:00 left in the first half. They were up 13-4 with 10:00 minutes left in the first half.
New Prague didn’t back down however. They continued to attack the basket and looked to get good shots whenever they had their chance.
New Prague switched between man-to-man and zone defense. Prior Lake was confused by this and it was hard for Prior Lake to hit shots late in the first half.
Both teams played hard throughout the first half. At halftime the score was Prior Lake 26, New Prague 16.
As the second half got underway both teams continued to attack the basket and look for easy open shots.
Prior Lake was not afraid to shoot both the two and three-point shots. New Prague had a hard time defending the long three-point shot.
New Prague did a good job of hitting baskets in the second half. They were able to close the deficit with just under 16 minutes to go. They got to within 5 points just under the 16 minute mark in the second half.
Prior Lake called a timeout with 13:09 left in the second half. The score was Prior Lake 28, New Prague 27.
New Prague did a good job of attacking the basket. Their shots were able to for them in the second half.
The game was a close and hard fought throughout. I thought that both teams played well. Both teams were aggressive on both ends of the floor and they each had to work hard for shots that they took.
New Prague went on a run late in the second half. They took the lead with just under 8:00 to go.
The game was hard fought both teams played solid.
Prior Lake kept on looking for layups late in the contest. They were down 4 with 4:48 left in the second half. New Prague called a timeout.
Prior Lake stepped back behind the three-point line and looked for the deep three-point shot late in the contest to keep them in the game. That worked for them as New Prague had a 40-37 lead with 2:55 left in regulation.
The game came down to the wire. New Prague tried to hold the ball to run out the clock. Prior Lake fouled right away to get them to the line. Prior Lake got the ball back for the last play of the game and Prior Lake nailed a three pointer at the buzzer to with the game 43-42.   

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