Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Miller Time and Errol Carlstrom Playaz squared off in the Howard Pulley Pro City Summer League game. The crowd was light and other teams were playing on different courts in the big gym. There was very little atmosphere in the building at all.
It took a while for each team to get used to what the other team was doing on the floor.
Miller Time got up big with an 11-3 lead with 5:58 left in the first quarter.
Errol Carlstrom Playaz had difficulty shooting the ball throughout the first quarter. They didn’t give up however as they kept on shooting shots that they thought they could make.
Siyani Chambers was all over the floor for Miller Time. He knew where his teammates were on the floor and he was able to get them the ball in spots where they could get good looks at the basket.
At the end of the first quarter Miller Time led 25-18.  
Both teams continued to take time off the clock by swinging the ball around the three-point line.
Errol Carlstrom Playaz attacked the basket as they were able to look for shots. They were not afraid to shoot the ball at any point in the game. If the guards thought that they had good shots they were not afraid to shoot it.
Chambers ran the Miller Time offense. He was able to instruct to his players where they were supposed to be on the floor and was able to get his team’s offense going.
Errol Carlstrom Playaz went on a run late in the second quarter. They were to get within three with 2:30 left in the second quarter.
Marcus Alipate was a force on defense for Errol Carlstrom Playaz. He was able to control his guy on the offensive end and slow him down and made it tough for him to make shots.
At halftime Miller Time led 52-50.
Both teams continued to push the ball down the floor.
Teddy Archer got ejected from the game after he protested a call and slammed the ball to the floor.
The score remained close throughout the third quarter, as neither team went on a run..
At the end of three quarters, Errol Calrstrom Playaz had taken a 78-74 lead.
The fourth quarter was fast and furious. Both teams continued race up and down the floor looking for jump shots.
Errol Carlstrom Playaz stepped up big and were able to come out and hit consecutive shots to open up the fourth quarter. Miller Time tried to keep up but they were not able to hit shots for a period of time in the fourth quarter.
Quinton Hooker for Miller Time stepped up big and was able to knock down some deep three-point shots for his team.
Both teams played extremely tough on the defensive end. Neither team gave up easy baskets on either end of the floor.
Errol Carlstrom Playaz were able to come away with the 111-95 victory over Miller Time.
The leading scorers for Miller Time were Peter Olafeso with 27 points, Hooker with 23 points and Kenny Olafeso with 22 points.
The leading scorers for Errol Carlstrom Playaz were Alipate with 19, Joe Scott with 18, Cameron Rundles 18, and Tyler Cain with 16 points.

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