Friday, July 19, 2013


In the second game of the Howard Pulley Pro City Summer League on Monday July 15, Pat Madison took on Miller Time. It took awhile for each team to get into a shooting rhythm.
Troy Bell for Pat Madison did a good job of handling the ball. He was able to get his teammates involved in the offense and told them where he wanted them to go on the floor. If Bell thought that he had a good shot he was not afraid to shoot the ball. If Bell thought that his teammate had a better shot he would pass the ball to him for the better shot.
Royce White who played with Miller Time. White has played with a few college and pro basketball teams and has drawn national attention because of his skill.
Quinton Hooker for Miller Time brought the ball down the floor for his team. He had good court awareness and knew where his teammates were supposed to be on the floor. Hooker did a good job of directing traffic when he was on the floor.
Terry Campbell took the ball hard to the basket on offense. He was not afraid to shoot the ball if he thought that he had a good shot.
Pete Olafeso for Miller Time took good shots. He knew that he was most successful shooting the ball from within the three-point line.
Wally Ellenson -- who plays for the University of Minnesota -- sank a three-point shot for Miller Time to tie the game at 28 at the buzzer at the end of the first quarter.
The score continued to go back and forth throughout the second quarter. Neither team went on a run early in the second quarter.
Hooker found teammate Siyani Chambers as Chambers was able to find the bottom of the net as Chambers was able to knock down some big shots.
The score went back and forth for a good portion of the second quarter. Neither team was able to go on a run in the second quarter.
At halftime the score was Miller Time 62, Pat Madison 60.
As the third quarter got underway both teams stepped up the defensive pressure. It was a lot harder for each team to get shots off in the third quarter because the pressure that both teams were applying.
Miller Time looked to get the ball into the hands of White, who was all over the floor. He was able to score on jump shots from anywhere on the floor.
Bell was able to slow down his defender and get steals. Bell also did a good job of getting his man open and the ball if they thought that he could score the layups in transition.
White impressed the crowd who stuck around to watch him play. He made some nice layups throughout the third quarter. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball in spots where he could make easy shots.
Miller Time continued to make shots late in the third quarter.
After three quarters of play the score was Miller Time 90, Pat Madison 84.
Miller Time continued to push the ball down the floor as they kept on making baskets in transition.
Chambers and Hooker kept on hooking up on the floor as they were able to come up with some nice passes to each other in the fourth quarter.
Hooker was not afraid to shoot the outside shot to keep his team in the contest.
Pat Madison hung in till the end. In a very fun and entertaining game Miller Time came away with the 130-101 victory over Pat Madison.
The leading scorers for Pat Madison were Jefferson Mason with 31 points, Troy Bell with 23 points and Terry Campbell with 28 points.
The leading scorers for Miller Time were Peter Olafeso with 25 points, Royce White with 24 points, Wally Ellenson with 19 points, Quinton Hooker with 18 points, and Siyani Chambers with 15 points.
I thought that this was a very good game from start to finish. Both teams played well.  

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