Sunday, March 15, 2015


Buffalo and Elk River squared off in a Section 8 Class 4A boys’ basketball quarterfinal game.

Elk River’s Matt Keller was able to come up with layups early.

Buffalo’s Jered High came out hot as he scored the first 6 of Buffalo’s 8 points. He was able to make both mid-range jump shots and layups.

The score went back and forth early. Neither team went on a huge run.

Elk River’s Zach Dahl stepped up with mid-range jump shots.

Both teams did a good job of subbing players in and out of the game. Buffalo looked to push the ball down the floor and looked to make layups.

Buffalo called a timeout with 5:26 left in the first half. The score was Elk River 25, Buffalo 21.

Buffalo used a zone defense that made Elk River take deep 3-point baskets.

Elk Rivers’ Mitchell Weege came up with huge 3-point baskets. If Weege thought that he could make layups he would also shoot those.

At halftime the score was Elk River 33, Buffalo 29. The leading scorers at halftime were High 12 for Buffalo and Keller with 17 for Elk River.

As the second half got underway the score remained close. The score went back and forth.

Keller kept on hitting deep 3-point baskets. The defense had a hard time slowing him down.

Buffalo called a timeout with 11:54 left in regulation. The score was Elk River 48, Buffalo 39.

Elk River used mostly a motion offense. They passed and cut and was able to zip the ball around the court and was able to get everyone involved in the offense.

Buffalo called a timeout with 7:58 left in regulation. The score was Elk River 55, Buffalo 45.

Buffalo looked to trap the ball after the timeout. They switched up between different defenses.

Buffalo didn’t back down. They kept on attacking the basket and looking to get baskets. Buffalo was able to wear Elk River down. They were able to get within 7 points with 3:29 left in regulation.

Buffalo got hot late in the game. Buffalo’s Cory Thielman made mid-range jump shots and layups.

In a very intense game which came down to the wire Elk River came away with the 73-70 victory over Buffalo.

The leading scores for Elk River were Keller 26, and Burger with 19 points.

The leading scorer for Buffalo was High with 26 points.

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