Sunday, March 15, 2015


Minneapolis Southwest and Eden Prairie squared off in a boys’ Section 6 Class 4A basketball game on Feb. 25.

Eden Prairie started the game in a zone defense. Southwest struggled to get good shots against the zone.

Eden Prairie was a lot quicker than Southwest. Eden Prairie looked to get Grantham Gillard the ball. Gillard was able to get to the basket and make layups.

Southwest called a timeout with 9:31 left in the first half. The score was Eden Prairie 22, Southwest 8.

Southwest’s Johnny Skyes brought the ball down the floor and was able to make shots. Teammates Brennan Hawkins and Keion Alexander also came up with mid-range jump shots and layups.

Southwest struggled to shoot the ball in the first half. They couldn’t make shot. Eden Prairie was able to come up with mid-range jump shots and layups throughout the game.

At halftime the score was Eden Prairie 48, Southwest 19.

Eden Prairie’s Colton Simmer and Blake Cashman came up with mid-range jump shots and layups.

Eden Prairie continued to make layups and jump shots throughout the second half. They were able to turn Southwest over came up with the layups.

Eden Prairie was too much for Southwest to handle. Eden Prairie came away with the 88-41 victory over Southwest.

Southwest was lead in scoring by Hawkins with 10 points and Alexander with 9 points.

Eden Prairie was lead in scoring by Simmer with 16 points, Jake Ruppert with 11 points and Cashman with 10 points.

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