Sunday, March 15, 2015


On Feb. 23 St. Paul Harding squared off against St. Paul Washington in a boys’ basketball game.

Both teams started out in a zone defense. They made it difficult for the other team to make open shots. 

Washington looked to push the ball down the floor and score baskets in transition. Harding turned the ball over on offense. Washington was able to come up with layups off the turnovers.

Washington’s Keenen Williams came up with layups as he was able to get past his defenders. If Williams didn’t think that he had a good shot he would pass it off to one of his teammates.

The score was close throughout the first half. Neither team went on a huge run.

Harding’s Donovan Adesoro got to the free throw line as he was fouled trying to make layups. On the defensive end Adesoro was able to slow down the guy that he was defending.

The score went back and forth for a period of time in the first half. There were many ties and lead changes.

At halftime the score was Washington 25, Harding 24.

As the second half got underway Washington looked to get the ball into the hands of Mohamed Seleh. Seleh came up with mid-range jump shots and layups on the offensive end.

Washington went on a 17-5 run to open the second half of play.

Harding’s Deon Houskin was quick on his feet, he was able to take the ball hard to the rack and make layups. Houskin did a good job of getting past his defenders.

The Washington offense came alive in the second half. Washington’s Curtis Bell came up with steals and layups.

Harding called a timeout with 12:56 left in regulation. The score was Washington 42, Harding 29.

Washington did a good job of getting everyone involved in the offense. They passed the ball around the 3-point line and they were able to attack the defense and get to the basket.

Harding attacked the basket and was able to get within 10 points with just under 8 minutes to play.

Washington was just too much for Harding to handle down the stretch. 

Washington came away with the 64-48 victory over Harding.

The leading scorer for Harding was Houskin with 15 points and the leading scorer for Washington was Seleh with 17 points.

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Twin Cities Hoops Czar. Check out his thoughts of the Harding vs. Washingtonboys’ basketball game.

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