Sunday, March 1, 2015


On Jan. 24 Minneapolis Patrick Henry went up against Prior Lake in a boys’ basketball game.

Prior Lake got off to a quick start. Prior Lake was able to swing the ball around the 3-point line and take time off the clock.

Prior Lake’s Isaiah Sims came up with mid-range jump shots. Teammate Lucas Olson came up with deep 3-point shots.

Henry did a good job of getting back in transition.

Henry called a timeout with 5:37 left in the first half. The score was Prior Lake 28, Henry 20.

Prior Lake switched between man-to-man and zone defense throughout the first half. They were able to confuse Henry.

At halftime the score was Prior Lake 33, Henry 24.

As the second half got underway Henry attacked the basket and was able to make layups.

Henry’s Stephen Kennedy, Demetrius Edwards Brown and Julian Jackson each came up with mid-range jump shots and layups throughout the game. They kept Henry in the game.

Prior Lake’s Kevin McKiernan came up with deep 3-pointers that kept Prior Lake in the game.

Henry’s Ramaa Hudnell came up with 3-point baskets coming off of screens. If he didn’t think that he could make the 3-point shot he could drive to the basket and take layups.

Prior Lake’s Connor Bair did a good job of attacking the basket and came up with layups. His teammates did a good job of getting everyone involved in the offense.

Prior Lake came away with the 70-66 victory over Henry.

The leading scorer for Prior Lake was with Bair 28.

The leading scorers for Henry were Demetrius Edwards-Brown 25, Julian Jackson 20.

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