Sunday, March 1, 2015


On Jan. 24 Columbia Heights went up against St. Paul Central as part of the East Metro Showcase at St. Paul Johnson High School.

Columbia Heights started in a zone defense. They wanted to make Central shoot deep 3-point baskets.
Columbia Heights did a good job of getting everyone involved in the offense. They talked to each other on both ends of the floor.

Columbia Heights Montroy Scott came up with 3-point baskets and mid-range jump shots in the first half. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball in sports where he could shoot it.

Central used a full court zone trap defense. They wanted to create turnovers out of the trap. Columbia Heights did a good job of getting out of the trap and moving the ball down the floor.

Columbia Heights called a timeout with 12:49 left in the first half. The score was Columbia Heights 10, Central 8. 

Both teams took a lot of time off the clock as the defense didn’t allow them to penetrate the paint.

There were several ties and lead changes in the first half. 

Central was able to trap Columbia Heights and come up with turnovers.

Central came up with layups late in the first half. 

At halftime the score was Central 28, Columbia Heights 22.

As the second half got underway Columbia Heights as able to attack the basket and make layups in transition. 

There were multiple ties and lead changes throughout the second half.

Columbia Heights came up with steals and layups. They did a good job of knowing where Central was going to pass the ball.

Scott continued to come up with mid-range jump shots in the second half.

Central’s Jack Beckman came up with huge 3-point shots. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball where he could shoot it. 

The game came down to the wire. Central came away with the 59-58 victory over Columbia Heights.

The leading scorers for Central were Beckman with 19 point, Sam Gubbrud with 15 points and Gardner with 10 points.

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