Sunday, March 15, 2015


Feb. 28 was the final day of the 2015 MSHSL state wrestling tournament. The day started with the consolation semifinals in all classes. Then it was the individual weight class semifinals in all classes.

For my first ever wrestling tournament I did enjoy it. Going into the event I didn’t know what to expect. When I got here on Thursday it took me awhile to get used to what all was going on. 

I was able to figure it out and by Saturday I really got to enjoy the tournament itself.

I saw a lot of good matches while I was down covering the event. I was able to meet new people from around the state.

There are a lot of different wrestling singlet’s the different designs are truly unique for each school.

One of the other interesting things that I noticed was they had kids helping the officials out with the clock. With eight mats going at once each mat had their own scoreboard. There were kids that would help out the officials out by tapping the officials with a foam bat. When the clock ran out the kids would tap one of the officials to let them know that the clock had run out. Each round lasted 2 minutes.

As I stated in an earlier report from the tournament all of the mats were numbered and had a high school logo on it.

The media was set up on both ends of the arena of the Xcel Energy Center. There were slabs of wood with power outlets on both ends of the stadium where reporters like myself could set up to cover the event. Also radio stations from across the state came to cover the tournament.

Stats from each round were distributed throughout the tournament to keep us updated on who won at each level.

Despite the wifi not working throughout the tournament overall I thought the tournament went very well. I plan on being back again to cover this event again.

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