Sunday, March 1, 2015


On Jan. 21 St. Paul Humboldt went up against St. Paul Harding in a boys’ basketball game. Harding looked to push the ball down the court and score baskets in transition.

Humboldt’s Kionta Franklin came up with deep 3-point baskets early.

Humboldt started in a zone defense. They wanted to force Humboldt to take deep shots.

Harding’s Malik Samuel came up with layups and rebounds. His teammates got him the ball in the paint where he came up with layups.

Humboldt went on a 9-0 run.

Humboldt had a 14-7 lead with 13:36 left to go in the first half.  

The score went back and forth midway through the first half.

Harding went to a zone defense. They looked to force Humboldt to take deep passes in the first half.

Harding got hot late in the first half. They went on a 13-0 run. Harding did a good job of knocking down 3-point shots.

Harding’s Essa Adam came up with 3-point baskets in the first half. The defense had a hard time slowing him down. He also came up with layups.

Humboldt’s Jacob Andrew came up with deep 3-point baskets. He also was able to drive to the basket and make layups.

At halftime the score was Harding 42, Humboldt 38.

Humboldt’s Marion Moore and Jacob Andrew both came up with huge baskets.

The score went back and forth throughout the second half. There were several ties and lead changes.

Both teams played zone defense.

Moore came up with huge 3-point baskets. He wasn’t afraid to shoot the ball in traffic or if he was wide open.

Adam continued to knock down 3-point shots throughout the second half.

The score went back and forth for a good period of time in the second half.

In a game that came down to the wire Harding came away with the 70-65 victory over Humboldt.

The leading scorer for Humboldt was Moore with 24 points.

The leading scorer for Harding was Adam with 18 points.

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