Sunday, March 15, 2015


On March 3 Legacy Christian Academy went up against Minneapolis North in a boys’ Section 4 Class A semifinal basketball game.

North called a timeout with 15:13 left in the first half. The score was Legacy 8, North 7.

LCA’s Caleb Johnson got hot from behind the 3-point line. He stepped up and came up with deep 3-point shots.

North looked to trap the ball and looked for LCA to turn the ball over.

It took a while for North to get into an offensive shooting rhythm.

The score went back and forth with just under eight minutes to go.

North’s D.J Hunter came up with layups and mid-range jump shots.

LCA called a timeout with 7:25 left in the first half. The score was North 30, LCA 25.

North continued to push the ball down the floor. They did a good job of passing the ball to each other.

LCA came up with rebounds and deep 3-point baskets late in the first half.

At halftime the score was North 49, LCA 40.

LCA looked to get the ball into the hands of Caleb Johnson and Nate Bertsch. They both came up with jump shots and layups.

North was able to get their offense going in the second half. They made crisper passes in the second half. North was able to get hot in the second half. North made a lot of baseline layups and back door baskets.

LCA did apply defensive pressure that made it difficult for North to make open shots.

North’s ODell Wilson IV came up with layups and jump shots late in the game.

North stepped up their defensive pressure and LCA cooled off shooting considerably in the second half. Neither team stopped shooting the ball.  

North did a good job of getting to the baseline all game long, they were able to make layup’s off the back doors.  

North came away with the 97-68 victory over LCA.

The leading scorers for LCA were Caleb Johnson and Nate Bertsch each with 18 points and Nelson with 16 points.
The leading scorers for North were Jackson with 22 points, Johnson with 21 points, and Wilson with 17 points.


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