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Tyus Jones Top 5 Player in 2014 Minnesota EYBL Highlights - Howard Pulley


Check out Aaron Edwards of Metro Youth Sports Media top 15 players of the Class of 2015

Class: 2015 It seems to only get better for the talent level in Minnesota. The class of 2015 is packed with high caliber basketball talent. The 2015 class have had a major impact on Minnesota High school basketball this season. If you don't know who some these guys are you been sleep and soon will wake up.


David William Wallendorf was born in Burnsville, Minnesota on October 4, 1992. Wallendorf has three older siblings.

Wallendorf goes to Minnesota Transitions High School where he will graduate in June of 2012. He plays on the MTS basketball team and is considering to playing soccer to help on his conditioning.

He grew up in Elk River, Minnesota.

When asked what does basketball mean to you? He responded, “Basketball means the world to me. It's the main thing. I'm not too sure how to explain it... It's the way of life. It's a family thing and I've grown up knowing basketball. I remember dreaming about being an NBA all-star since I was 4. My father played in the league in the 70's and I credit my ability to him. My brother has been my role model since day one and I remember going to all of his games as a kid. I learned a ton from him. He's the best player I've ever seen. No questions asked.”

When asked about his plans for this summer he stated, “My plan for this upcoming season is to get better obviously. My goal everyday is to learn something new and get better at what I know. I plan on watching a lot of game film this spring and summer. I'm always trying to add some things my game. One of my coaches who I workout with has tapes on Kobe and his preparation, we watch those for hours. I plan on working overtime in the gym; late nights and early mornings. Getting stronger and quicker. I plan on playing in a few college leagues in southern California as well”.

Wallendorf said that, “My nationality is over 50% German and the rest, French, Yugoslavian, and English. Aside from basketball it's all about family. I have a wonderful girlfriend and am into fashion.”

In September of 2010 Wallendorf was involved in a car accident. He described the car crash, “The car accident was September of 2010 in Osseo, MN. My friend was driving the car and was going way to fast, showing off his new car. Going around a 30 mph corner going 55-60 mph. He popped the clutch and then we rolled the car. Previous to the accident, I was jumping higher than ever. Dunking in warm-ups at the Sweet16 in St. Cloud. First time ever dunking. My vertical was around 36 inches at 17, almost 18. After the accident, that went down to 27 inches due to the injury of the whiplash. I took some time off from the accident but was still seeing Dr. Sandell and his doctors at

Wallendorf said, “I'm going to be with my trainer all spring and summer in Edina, MN at EEA Athletics. These are the guys I was with when my vertical was 36 inches. I worked with them all of 2010 until the car accident.”

I was able to talk to Dr. Sandell about Wallendorf. He talked about Wallendorf's experience at the clinic. Here is a statement released by Dr. Sandell about Wellendorf's condition.

“David Wallendorf sustained a bone bruise inside of his knee during a basketball game. He initially presented to my office with severe knee pain, swelling, and a noticeable limp. Bone bruises are a “self-limiting” injury meaning that they resolve in time; however it is a quite painful injury and a relatively lengthy recovery. The prognostic implications of bone bruises are that they are thought to be a precursor to early post-traumatic arthritis due to the injury to the articular cartilage.

The treatment options are really quite limited and all of them were presented to David. One of which was an intra-articular steroid injection which would have the most dramatic symptomatic improvement on his knee and would allow him to return to basketball within probably a week or two versus the eight to twelve week recovery process with just rest alone. David was informed that corticosteroids could pose a potential negative long-term effect on cartilage, and because he was such a young athlete, this is something to consider for the long term.

He thought about it overnight and made the decision himself to forgo the steroid injection and manage the injury conservatively. This is merely only one example of David’s maturity that I have been a witness to over the years and he really is a fine young man. We moved forward immediately on his treatment program and I prescribed Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate for cartilage health as well as a myriad of vitamins and minerals needed to promote and facilitate the healing process following an injury. He came into the clinic for his physical rehabilitation with me over the next 6 weeks. His rehab program was comprehensive and included the use of Normateck sleeves for circulation and recovery, functional strength training, cold laser therapy and physical medicine procedures to restore flexibility and mobility. Initially, because of his inability to bear weight on the knee, he was given a high intensity interval training program on the stationary bike to limit any deconditioning of the cardiovascular system.

As he progressed to being able to bear weight and walk without pain, he was instructed to go to the gym and work on his shots within a range where he knee function impairment would not affect his shot and thus develop any compensatory patterns. He was also sent to my other office location to run on the Alter G treadmill, which is an anti-gravity treadmill that can precisely decrease his body weight in 1% increments all the way to a decrease in 80% of his body weight while maintain true running form, to continue to improve his overall cardiovascular fitness. Through his dedication, hard work, and compliance with his comprehensive rehab program, at 6-weeks post-injury he has full function of his knee without any pain or functional limitations. He is now going to re-connect with his trainer to improve his strength and power and then he will start with me on his ACL prevention program.”

Due to his car accident Wallendorf has played in seven games during the 2011-2012 season. He scored a total of 139 points. Which averaged out to be 19.9 points per game. He brought down 76 total rebound and averaged 10.9 rebounds per game. Had a total of 33 assists per game with an average of 4.7 assists per game. And a total of 22 steals and had 3.1 steals per game.

Wallendorf's coach John Sherman said, “He is one of the best shooters I have ever coached and he is also a superior athlete who almost surely will be a D1 scholarship player.”

Wallendorf is well on his way to making a full recovery. He will be looking to get back on the court very soon and in a college gym somewhere in the country very soon. 

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The KC 76er’s took on Pump N Run in the 17u Championship game. Pump N Run.

The game got off to a quick start as each team raced up and down the floor. KC looked to get the ball out in transition and move the ball quickly down the floor.

Pump N Run looked to get into their offense early in the game. Neither team gave up easy baskets. Both teams started in zone defense. They looked to spread the floor out.

Cullen Russo took the ball hard to the basket. He was able to score easy lay-ups on the offensive end.

At Halftime the score was KC 76er’s 32 and Pump N Run 26.

As the second half got underway the 76er’s started out in a tight man-to-man defense. They wanted to make sure that it was hard for Pump N Run to hit shots.

Pump N Run took shots from everywhere on the floor. They were not afraid to shoot it from anywhere. Inside and outside.

KC on the other hand mostly worked for lay-ups. Pump N Run did do a good job of contesting the shots that they put up.

The score went back and forth throughout of the second half. Pump N Run did a good job of attacking the basket.

Pump N Run came away with the 67-50 victory over KC 76er’s. 

Monday, April 16, 2012


From the University of Minnesota men's basketball department. “The University of Minnesota men’s basketball program today announced that Trevor Mbakwe will remain at Minnesota for the upcoming basketball season. Mbakwe was recently granted a sixth year of eligibility by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Mbakwe suffered an ACL tear to his right knee against Dayton in November and was lost for the remainder of the season. He underwent surgery on Dec. 30 to repair the knee.

“I have decided to remain at the University of Minnesota and am looking forward to the upcoming season,” said Mbakwe. “I think it is beneficial for many reasons. It gives me the opportunity to play another year of college basketball and hopefully contribute to a team that showed it can be dangerous.

“It also provides me with the opportunity to leave the university with a Master’s degree. That means a ton to me. Not many athletes have that chance to get multiple degrees during their stay and unfortunately it took an injury for me to have this opportunity but I am going to take full advantage of it. I am excited to get back on the court with my teammates.”

“We are excited that Trevor has made the decision to return and play a sixth season,” said head coach Tubby Smith. “He has obviously proven to be a dominant player in this league and I have no doubt that he will return to the form that made him that type of player. He will certainly be a welcomed addition to next year’s team.”

Mbakwe, named to the Preseason All-Big Ten First Team and to the John R. Wooden award watch list, was leading the Gophers in scoring (14.0 ppg) and rebounding (9.1 rpg) at the time of the injury (seven games).

The leading rebounder for Team USA at the World University Games this summer, Mbakwe made an impact in his first season in Gold Country, finishing with a Big Ten Conference-best 10.5 rebounds per game as a junior.

His 327 total rebounds were the third-most in a single-season at Minnesota and the most since Jim Brewer collected 331 rebounds during the 1970-71 season. Mbakwe also averaged a team-high 13.9 points per game to become the first Gopher player to average a double-double since Kris Humphries did so during the 2003-4 season.”


In the 17u championship Pump N Run took on Net Gain. The game got off to a quick start as each team jacked up shots at a rapid pace.

Pump N Run started the game in a zone defense. They looked to spread the Net Gain offense out. Net Gain did a good job of not getting the offensive rebounds.

The score went back and forth throughout the first half. Neither team gave up easy baskets. Both teams looked relaxed when they were on the floor. Both coaches were in control of their teams as they both heeded directions from their respective coaches.

Pump N Run seemed to have an answer to what Net Gain seemed to throw at them. Net Gain switched up between man-to-man and zone defenses and that didn't seem to bother Pump N Run.

Pump N Run got the ball into the hands of Darrion Strong who was all over the floor giving instructions to his teammates.. On the offensive end he instructed his players to where they were supposed to be on the floor.

The game was a defensive battle throughout the first half as neither team gave up an easy basket. Baskets were always contested on both ends of the floor.

Ian Thiesen for Pump N Run did a good job of calling for the ball when he was near the basket. His teammates were able to get him the ball and in turn he converted some nice baskets near the rim.

The score at halftime was Net Gain 39 and Pump N Run 32.

As the second half got underway both teams continued to play with poise. Net Gain shot the ball from where ever they felt like it on the floor. They were not afraid to shoot it from anywhere.

Strong was aggressive on both ends of the floor. He dove on the floor after loose balls and went after rebounds on both ends of the court.

Net Gain went on a run to midway through the second half. Pump N Run couldn't hit a shot for a good portion of the second half. They didn't quit however as they attacked the basket and looked for their shots or tried to get to the free throw line.

Net Gain battled on both ends for loose balls. On the offensive end they ended up working the clock as they wanted to protect their lead.

The score went back and forth late in the contest. There was no more than a 9 point differential in the last 5 minutes of the game.

The game was tied at 66 with one minute to go. In a game that was close throughout Net Gain came away with the 70-66 victory over Pump N Run. 


EOTO started the game out in a zone defense. They looked to step up the defensive pressure early. Pump N Run started the game out on fire. They built a 6-0 lead with 15:00 left in the first half.

Pump N Run passed the ball around the three-point line as they worked their offensive looking for weaknesses in their opponents defensive sets.

Pump N Run's James Lawson got the ball near the free throw line and he was able to get to the basket quickly and beat his man off the dribble. The defense had a hard time defending him in the lane.

EOTO also swung the ball around the three-point line. The score went back and forth throughout the first half.


Both of the guards were very vocal on the offensive end. They called out plays that they wanted to run. When Pump N Run looked to score easy baskets in transition EOTO did a good job of mixing up the defense to try to slow them down.

Pump N Run was a little quicker on the offensive end as they were able to blow by the EOTO defenders. Pump N Run used their speed to their advantage as they got wide open lay-ups.

EOTO had a hard time making baskets in the first half. They kept on pounding the ball down the court and looking for their shots.

EOTO went to a full court man-to-man defense in an effort to slow down the Pump N Run offense. EOTO was unsuccessful at doing that in the first half.

Pump N Run looked to get most of their shots inside the paint area. That is where they had the most success in the first half.

The EOTO guards didn't get flustered by the pressure that Pump Run put on them. They still drove to the basket and looked for their shots or tried to draw fouls on their opponent.


As the second half got underway both teams continued to look for their shots. Pump N Run's James Lawson held his ground. On the offensive end he called for the ball and got it and he was not afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court.

Pump N Run was a little quicker than EOTO on both ends of the floor. Pump N Run went cold late in the game. EOTO took advantage of that as they were able to get within three points of Pump N Run with 4:00 left in regulation.

EOTO closed the gap to two points at 56-58 with 3:04 left in regulation. Both teams played hard throughout the game. The game was tied with 3:00 left.

The score went back and forth throughout the final 3:00 left in the game. Neither team gave up easy shots late in the contest.

In the end Pump N Run came away with the 62-59 victory over EOTO.

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In the Minnesota Comets tournament Minnesota Pump-N-Run took on the The Village Athletics in a boys' basketball game. The Village Athletics started the game out in a man-to-man defense. Pump N Run started out in a zone defense. On the offensive end each team looked to get the ball into the hands of their big men who were posted up on the low block.

Pump-N-Run had difficulty making shots at the start of the game. However, they maintained an aggressive style of play by attacking the glass on every opportunity.

For Pump-N-Run, Jordan Dembley was all over the floor. On the offensive end he was able to blow by his defenders and get to the basket. On the defensive end he locked down the guy he was guarding.

The score went back and forth throughout the first half neither team went on a run. The teams were evenly matched teams.

Brandon Robinson was all over the floor for The Village Athletics. He shot the ball well from inside the three-point line. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball in spots where he could shoot it. If Robinson didn't think that he had a good shot he would pass it off to one of his teammates for an easier basket.

At halftime the score was The Village Athletics 31 and Minnesota Pump-N-Run 28.

As the second half got underway both teams continued their styles of play. There seemed to be no real adjustments made in the locker room other than to cut down on turnovers and run the offense for effectively.

Neither team went on a run in the opening minutes of the first half. The game was very physical on both ends of the floor. Players on both teams dove on the floor for loose balls and went after rebounds on both ends of the floor.

Delshon Strickland took the ball hard to the basket for Pump N Run. He was not afraid to bring the ball hard to the basket. If he was not able to convert the basket he was able to get to the free throw line. On the defensive end he was able to create havoc.

Dejon Davis for Pump N Run was all over the floor. He held his own on the offensive end. I thought that Davis had a good presence on the floor as he ran the offense.

The score continued to go back and forth in the second half. Neither team gave up easy baskets.

Pump N Run went on a run midway through the second half and eventually wore their opponent down. The Village Athletics kept tried to stay in the game by attacking the glass and were able to hand around until time simply ran out on them and they were forced to foul the opponent in an effort to stop the clock and gain control of the ball.

Pump N Run went to a zone defense in the second half. They looked to spread the floor out and make The Village Athletics take long shots.

Strickland continued to get the ball and take it hard to the basket. The defense couldn't slow him down.

The Village Athletics didn't give up throughout the whole game they made a late comeback that was unsuccessful however. In the end however Pump N Run came away with the 70-60 victory over The Village Athletics.

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Check out Metro Sports Youth Media class of 2014 boys' basketball ranking's. The Super class for Minnesota basketball recruiting D-1 players at all phases of the game. This class features 2 of the best player in the nation in the class of 2014. Also a host of athletes and play makers. 

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Hard hit lands Love in hospital in Wolves loss

JERRY ZGODA, Star Tribune.
DENVER - One day after Ricky Rubio clattered into a Target Center press room on crutches to discuss his season-ending knee surgery, teammate Kevin Love was hospitalized overnight in Denver on Wednesday because of a mild concussion and neck strain sustained in the team's seventh consecutive loss, 113-107 to the Nuggets.

Love was injured late in the first quarter when Denver center JaVale McGee -- 7 feet tall and most of that limbs -- inadvertently elbowed him in the head on a drive to the basket.

The blow laid out Love flat on his back, and teammate J.J. Barea immediately motioned for medical help. Love remained mostly motionless while team athletic trainer Gregg Farnam attended to him and all of his concerned teammates came to the other end of the floor to stand watch.

"I knew it as soon as he hit, when I saw his eyes on the floor I knew he was out," Barea said. "He was talking, but he wasn't all there. A mild concussion is still bad, but he'll be fine."

Love was later helped to a sitting position and then was helped off the floor very slowly and groggily with less than four minutes remaining in Wednesday's first quarter. He wore a neck brace while medical staff worked on him in the locker room.

He is the latest casualty in a season filled with injuries, including Rubio's torn knee ligaments. On Wednesday, the Wolves also played without Luke Ridnour (sprained ankle) and Wayne Ellington (back spasms).

"It just seems like that happens every game to us," Wolves coach Rick Adelman said.

Love will miss Thursday's home game against the Los Angeles Clippers and will be out until he passes a series
of league-mandated tests that prove he is symptom-free as part of a concussion policy the NBA adopted before this season.

The Wolves trailed 23-20 when Love was hurt. With him gone for the night, the Nuggets went on a 16-4 run that ended the first quarter and began the second quarter. They led by as many as 24 points late in the first half and early in the second half.

And then?

And then the Wolves transformed the game with a 32-11 run that ended the third quarter, began the fourth and tied the score twice in the final five minutes. They scored eight of the game's final 10 points in what Nuggets coach George Karl called the "worst win of the year."

Until this season, the Wolves never have had two players come off the bench to score 25 points each in the same game.

Now they've done it twice in two months after Anthony Randolph scored 28 points before he fouled out and rookie Derrick Williams scored 27 on Wednesday. In February, Williams and Michael Beasley each scored 27 in a victory over the Clippers in Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, Randolph scored 19 points after halftime, Williams 18 after halftime. At one point, Williams scored 16 of 18 Minnesota points.

"That's how you have to play," Adelman said about the energy and effort his team found in the second half. 

"We've been talking about that forever."

Randolph has been a fixture on the Wolves' bench most of the season. But he produced a big night after Love went down injured.

"Oh, one name: Anthony Randolph," Barea said when asked about the Wolves' comeback. "He gave us what we needed for a while now: Somebody to come in with some energy, block shots, rebound, play hard, hit people, finish at the other end. He did it all. That's something we've been missing for a while. He hasn't been playing all year and he stepped up big today. Good for him."

Sunday, April 8, 2012


According to Scott Schroeder of Minnesota Sports Nation, “Minnesota Golden Gophers sophomore guard Chip Armelin is seeking to transfer to a new school, according to a recent report. That would open up a scholarship for Trevor Mbakwe or possibly former Hopkins High School standout Trent Lockett.”

Friday, April 6, 2012


University of Minnesota football player linebacker Gary Tinsley was found dead in his dorm room at Roy Wilkins Hall on the campus of University of Minnesota. Tinsley was pronounced dead just before 8:00 A.M. On Friday April 6, 2012.

Tinsley was from Jacksonville, Fla. He was a business marketing education major. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012


According to a press release sent out by the University of Nebraska men's basketball team has announced the hiring of Minnesota native Ben Lewis Johnson.

The following is from a press release that was sent out by the University of Nebraska. “University of Nebraska men’s basketball coach Tim Miles announced the hiring of Ben Johnson to the Husker basketball staff on Thursday. Johnson comes to NU after spending the last four seasons at Northern Iowa, where he served as the Panthers’ recruiting coordinator in 2011-12.

"I think Ben is a rising star in this business,” Miles said. “He's well-organized, hard-working and great with the players. He can do it all, whether it is game planning or working guys out. I thought it was important to have a guy who's been in the Big Ten and understands the environments and understands how to win. I think that's a huge relationship builder with the players, and Ben will provide that and then some for our program."

During his tenure at Northern Iowa, the Panthers went a combined 93-77, winning at least 20 games in all four years. The four straight 20-win seasons is the longest stretch in program history, and the Panthers reached postseason play in all four years, including the NCAA Sweet 16 in 2009-10. That year, the Panthers won a school-record 30 games and upset top-seeded Kansas in the second round of the NCAAs.

During his tenure at UNI, the Panthers had three first-team All-MVC selections, including 2010 Missouri Valley Conference MVP Adam Koch in 2010. Four players were named to the MVC All-Freshmen or All-Newcomer teams, including a pair in 2011-12.

Johnson had previously served two seasons as an assistant coach at the University of Texas-Pan American. He was heavily involved in recruiting, worked with the Broncs perimeter players and coordinated UTPA's summer camps. He began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at the University of Dayton during the 2005-06 season.

During his collegiate career, Johnson was a four-year starting guard in college at a pair of Big Ten schools. He played his first two years at Northwestern University, and his junior and senior seasons at the University of Minnesota. He scored 1,202 points during his college career and helped lead Minnesota to the National Invitation Tournament semifinals in 2003. He was also named team captain three of his years in school.

He enjoyed a standout prep career, helping lead DeLaSalle (Minn.) High School to a pair of state championships. He was a two-time first-team all-state selection in both football and basketball, and his senior year was named a Street & Smith All-American, as well as an honorable mention Nike All-American. He was listed as the 60th-best basketball player in the country by Bob Gibbons in Johnson’s senior season, as he totaled more than 2,200 points during his high school career. Johnson also was listed on Tom Lemming's High School Football All-American list as a top-20 national recruit and was a two-time all-state performer on the gridiron.

A native of Minneapolis, Minn., the 31-year old Johnson received his bachelor's degree in sociology from Minnesota in 2005.”

Here are Ben Johnson’s coaching stints 2008-2012 UNI, assistant coach, 2006-08 Texas-Pan American, assistant coach, 2005-06 Dayton, graduate assistant.

Also two other coaches have also been added to the Nebraska men's basketball coaching staff.

Ronald Coleman Named to Nebraska Basketball Staff

“University of Nebraska men’s basketball coach Tim Miles announced the hiring of Ronald Coleman to the Husker basketball staff on Thursday. Coleman spent the 2011-12 season at Colorado State, helping the Rams to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Coleman brings experience at the college level and at the high school ranks, serving as a top AAU basketball coach in his native Chicago.”

Jayden Olson Named to Nebraska Basketball Staff

“University of Nebraska men’s basketball coach Tim Miles announced the hiring of Jayden Olson to his basketball staff at Nebraska on Thursday. Olson has been with Miles the last two seasons at Colorado State, serving as the Rams’ director of operations during the 2011-12 campaign.

In his role at Colorado State, Olson served as the primary day-to-day administrator for the Rams, coordinating budgeting, scheduling, team travel and overseeing academics. In 2011-12, he played a major role in the Rams winning 20 games for the first time since 1997-98 and reaching the NCAA Tournament for the first time in nine seasons.

He began his association with Colorado State as the program’s video coordinator in 2010-11, where he handled tape exchanges, breaking down video, recording practices and games and coordinating the team’s video library.”

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The Minnesota State Boys' basketball Coaches Association held there annual all star basketball game. The top fourth seniors take part in an all star game. Games are held in St. Cloud and in St. Paul.

In the first game the Maroon All Stars took on the Blue All Stars. Both teams just pushed the ball down the floor. There was very lax defense because most of the players tried to show their offensive skills.

Each team played everyone. They both subbed at the same time to give everyone the same amount of playing time.

At the end of the first half the score was Maroon 57 and Blue 32. The Blue All Stars shot 14-51 from the field and the Maroon All Stars shot 22-39 from the field.

The second half was more like the first half, neither team played very much defense and both teams shot the ball from where ever they wanted.

Everyone had a fun time.

The Maroon squad came away with the overwhelming 105-90 victory over the Blue squad.

The second game of the day featured the same style of play. The two teams that won the games the night before met for the finals.

It was more of the game. The Green squad came out with the 101-90 victory over the Gold Squad.