Monday, August 24, 2020


I was able to email Jayson Anderson Edwards who played at Benilde St.Margaret's High School in St. Louis Park. I asked him where he is playing now? Are you playing now? He told me, “Currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. I have had the opportunity to try out with a few teams after a breakout game against TVO Biggesee. (22 pts, 7 reb)

He told me that after he graduated high school, “I played college basketball after finishing high school. I also had a son; Kayden was born May 17, 2019.”

He graduated from Robbinsdale Cooper in 2015 and played division one junior college at Lake Region State in North Dakota.

He is currently staying in Frankfurt, Germany.

I was able to ask him,” How has COVID-19 affected basketball where you are playing?” He told me “COVID never affected my season for basketball here but it did make it difficult to fly to Europe."

During the Covid-19 pandemic, he told me that, “I’ve had time to self-reflect on my goals and ambitions and creatively finding ways to stay healthy. Also, value the time with my family.

He wanted to let people know about his playing career that, “I’m a fearless guard that loves to compete. Some shocked how well I can score despite my height disadvantage.”

He said that his typical day looks like, “I wake up 7 am go on a run 2 for miles and jump rope. Eat breakfast at around 915 AM. Then individual workout from 945-1145 AM. I go to lunch. After lunch, I lift heavy weights from 2-4 PM. Go back to the hotel eat dinner then I will have practice with a team who calls me.”

Edwards looks to keep up with the Covid-19 pandemic and looks to get back to playing soon.

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