Wednesday, October 14, 2020


I was able to get in contact with Rahsaan Roland Ross. Ross graduated from Minneapolis Southwest High School in 2012. Ross took a year off and then he played basketball for Minnesota State at Fergus Falls in 2014-16. He has not finished his degree yet, but he plans on getting it soon.

He said,” My plan for this upcoming season is to be working, maintain my game and staying fit, play in some leagues and get some more highlight films out there for this year! My game for basketball is that I play a huge role on the court, which is the point guard position, I love to score, shoot, pass, dribble, and play defense! My goals on the basketball court is to of course obviously to WIN, get my teammates involved, and have a great stat line as well to contribute to those wins. Basketball means A lot to me! I eat, sleep and breathe basketball literally I love to watch or play it each and every day of my life and wish and hope for the dream or Reality to come true if I keep working hard.”

Ross continues to work hard on his game and get into weight rooms and get on the court to play pickup basketball. Look for Ross on a basketball court near you.

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