Saturday, November 28, 2020


I was able to get a hold of Jayson Anderson Edwards who came back to the United States because of the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic. He was staying in Frankfurt, Germany.

He flew back to the United States on Thursday, Oct. 29 because of the pandemic. Edwards told me, “As soon as I touched down, I connected with my skills trainer, Jonathan Brown. I improved on my basic skill set. We usually work on my shooting mechanics and technique. Enhance shooting off the dribble and simply basic ball handling. On my own, I put in the work. I am fortunate enough to have a gym inside my garage, where I can lift weights and do cardiovascular exercises. As a point guard overseas, it is important for me to stay sharp.”

He told me that his next plan is, “I stay ready for the upcoming season in Germany. Where I will have the opportunity to participate with the club Nue-Isenburg. A city near Frankfurt. I will return to Frankfurt Germany in December. I will get acclimated with the culture, the language and just enjoy time with my teammates. At this time there is no idea when the season will reopen due to COVID-19. There has been rumors that they may continue the season in February if the COVID rates lower. We will see.

He also told me that, “I will go wherever ball bounces to be honest. I am not really focused on jumping around but to lay a foundation and a name for myself in Germany. This is a place I can see myself living and improving as a man. My goal is to make an immediate impact to a team that needs a winning Point Guard. This will improve their record and will jump the team to a higher league.

Edwards was also able to explain the pro basketball leagues in Europe. “Germany is in the EuroBasket. Within the EuroBasket, there are several leagues a player can play in. From the lowest league to the best league. BBL, ProA, ProB and 1/2.R-LIGA to lowest League Landisliga. These leagues are considered pro leagues and have numerous of outstanding players. American players you play against and several players not only from Germany, but guys from Croatia, France and Italy. It can be difficult to understand so I advise people to do your research. On teams, players, leagues. You will gain more knowledge.”

He also told me, “For my first time being in Europe and seeing how the game is played I had the opportunity to play with Ts Frankfurt Griesheim which is 1/2.R-Liga. I believe this is a league I belong in and I can see myself improving within years. My goal is ProB, it is a vision that I have and the goals that I set out for myself that I have to get done no matter what.”

I also asked him, “Is there anything else you want people to know about your travels overseas or overseas basketball?” He told me, “You really have to understand being an overseas basketball player is tougher than it seems. The 17-20hr flights across the water. Not being able to watch Sunday Minnesota Vikings football games because of the time difference. Not only are you away from your friends and family, but sometimes even after games, it is even hard to find a regular face in the crowd to celebrate with. The language barrier there is much different. Food is cooked quite different from America, but I would say it is healthier. Overall, it is all about how you see things. The process.... You must fall in love with the process and loving the journey is the reason why I played today’s game.”

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