Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Kanye Lamar Raheem was born in Burnsville, Minn. on May 4, 2003. He has one younger brother Korey MarSean Raheem. He is in the class of 2021. 

Raheem grew up in St. Paul. He will graduate in 2021 from White Bear South Campus High School. Raheem is involved in his high school’s basketball and track teams.

“Basketball means a lot to me,” he said. “I can always lean on basketball, during good times, bad times, and uncertain times. It has always been there. Basketball has an endless learning stream for me. It has been a huge bonding asset for me and my family.”

“My focus this summer is consistency in my confidence on the court,” he said this summer. “I want to just get better at all I can. With everything going on, just getting back in the gym again would be a dream come true right now.” 

Raheem has a passion for basketball and track. “Basketball and track have always been my two sports I love, as time has passed basketball has overshadowed my track passion,” he said. “I still love to run, and I am particularly good at it.”

He is African American, Irish, and Cherokee Indian. 

“I like to listen to music, get shots up alone or with my younger brother,” he said. “My personality is a mix of total chill mode, seriousness most of the time but can be funny in moments.”

Raheem will continue to look to get his basketball career on the move. 

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