Saturday, April 25, 2020


William John Forsythe was born on Dec. 16, 2002 in Centerville, Minn. Forsythe has one sister by the name of Lauren and a brother by the name of Bryce. He grew up in Hugo, Minn. 

He attends White Bear Lake Area High School in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Forsythe will graduate in 2021.  

When asked what basketball means to him? He said that, “Basketball is especially important to me in many ways. For one, it is something that I use to push myself in any way possible. It helps build my confidence, my character, and my work ethic. The more I use basketball to my full potential and incorporate it into my everyday life, the more I grow as a person in many ways. Basketball is the one sport and activity I mostly want to surround myself with. I love the positive energy it gives me and, like I had mentioned, how it builds me up physically and mentally.”

He is on the basketball team and into strength and weight training. 

He said that, “This summer I will have a basketball in my hands every single day. I will constantly work on my shooting, my dribbling, and most importantly my moves, especially in the post. I will keep a consistent schedule along with a consistent work plan.

 Every morning I plan on waking myself up with a jog, heading on over to my coach’s house to train with him for about an hour, then head on over to the gym to lift weights. I plan on doing this same schedule even if we have our AAU season pushed into summertime.

I will have a basketball in my hands multiple times per day and each time I do, I will be working on anything that will improve my skills and is beneficial for me to become the best player I could become.”

Asked about how he would describe himself Forsyth said that, “I am someone who loves spending my time outside and around friends. I love playing games, such as spike ball in the summer with them. I also just enjoy chilling out on a boat and tubing or swimming. I surround myself with friends who have similar energy levels as I do, as well as people who are comfortable being themselves because that is who I am. I enjoy playing video games as well, but not as much as I enjoy being active. I know how to set my priorities straight. When I need to work hard, my mind goes into focus mode and I grind out whatever needs to be done. I have a great work ethic once I put my mind to it as well. When it comes to basketball or academics, I know how to get things done and work hard to accomplish and finish strong.”

 Forsythe will be an up and coming basketball player who will continue to get better as time goes on and has a strong outlook in the future. 

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